February 06, 2017

I have a lot of really supportive people in my life. They'll see something I make and tell me it's so good and they're just sure tons of other people would like it too and even pay money for it. I can't really say I've given it my all when it comes to selling my art, but I have tried. And no one buys it - no ooone. (Okay, a few people out there have bought things, and it really means a lot!) I don't really mind. I like to keep making it. I hang it up in my own house, instead of waiting for other people to hang it in theirs. I like it! And maybe someday other people will like it enough to pay for it. Orrr maybe they'll like it for free! So here are some things I made for Valentine's Day, for free. I printed them out at home, on a super basic printer. I used card stock paper instead of regular printer paper, but I think that's the only trick. I didn't even trim mine down, but they are designed to be 8x10's so if I had a paper cutter I would have trimmed them so they would fit in frames. Also I kept the background white on all of them so they won't run you right out of ink! I want to keep practicing this kind of stuff, so hopefully I'll be sharing lots of free downloads this year. Let me know if you like any of them! I wouldn't say I'm great at taking constructive criticism, but maybe you can help me get better! Heh. Okay, Happy Valentine's Day! 


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