February 27, 2017

Okay I have a few stories, let's start with the laughs:

Story Number One: Two days before Valentine's Day, my brother-in-law asked me to help him with something. He asked me to overnight four loaves of Grandma Sycamore bread to him in Chicago. His wife loves it, but it isn't sold anywhere near where they live. So the next day I bought the bread, a big old box, and some plastic padding. Everyone in the post office watching me pack it all up probably thought I was nutty, and honestly I wondered if I was, too. I took it to the counter and the lady helping me told me I couldn't overnight it from that location. We live in a small town, so everything has to go through Salt Lake City first. She said if I took it up to Salt Lake and mailed it straight from there, they could get delivered the next day. Super fortunately, I was already going to Salt Lake later that day! I took it to a post office up there, and it cost seventy-three dollars - and change - to get it delivered by noon the next day. Not to mention what I had paid for the bread and packaging already - our total was a little over ninety dollars. Okay. My brother-in-law didn't care, he knew it was going to be pricey, but he also really wanted to do it for his wife. The next day my sister-in-law texts me saying her husband is crazy, but thanks for helping him also be sweet. Success! Happy valentine's day to everyone.

But wait! There's more! The package wasn't delivered on time! Not that we needed it to be delivered by noon. Their 2:20PM drop off time was fine for us - except that they had given us a money-back guarantee it would be delivered by noon. So you can bet I marched back to that post office (the one in my town - not Salt Lake again), politely explained what had happened, and we got all seventy-three dollars - and change - right back in our pockets.

So hopefully that made you laugh a little. Okay, the next story is kind of a laugh/cry.

Story Number Two: The week before Peter was born, some friends invited us to see a movie with them because they had been given tons of free movies tickets. We saw 10 Cloverfield Lane - not my first choice, as you may have guessed. But during the movie, the theater had a lot of technical difficulties - the lights came on, the screen had glitches - so we all walked away with even more free movie tickets! They were good for a year so we kept saving ours since it can be tricky to get to a movie with a baby. Last weekend we finally got a chance to use them. They were AMC tickets so we found the closest AMC theater to us and went to see La La Land - my first choice, as you may have guessed. (But Stefan did want to see it too and ended up loving it.) So we're there trying to use our free tickets and the girl helping us goes, "Oh, we're not an AMC theater yet.. I think we officially switch over in March." Sooo we had to pay for our tickets - and our popcorn, obviously. We figured, oh well, we'll go see our free movie in March. THEN! Oh, then.. the next day.. I left those free movie tickets in my pants pocket..! and washed them. They're totally unusable. After a year of saving them! 

Okay so maybe that story is more of a cry.. happy though because Stefan seriously loves La La Land so much. Maybe more than I do. We already can't wait to see it again. After being months late to the party.. Also I just decided I'm saving my third story for a separate post because it doesn't really fit with these stories. Let's finish this off with some unrelated pictures of Peter in Stefan's old baby shirt and socks.

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