March 16, 2017

Peter turning one honestly feels like the biggest milestone of my life thus far. As long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a mom - and here I am, I'm doing it! I know I've been doing it every day for the last year, but so much of that was pure survival mode. The fact that Stefan, Peter, and I have all made it one year together - that we've not only survived, but we're now thriving - is a miracle and a lucky blessing and the thing in my life of which I am the most proud. I am so proud of us. I love our little boy so much. I wish I could bawl my eyes out for twenty-four hours straight just so everyone could start to understand how much I love him. He is my best friend. Every day he helps me smile more, laugh more, practice more patience, feel more excited. He is helping me become who I've always wanted to be. I cannot believe I get to be this perfect boy's mama! Every day I catch myself telling him he is my handsome boy, my smart boy, my chubby boy, my funny boy. One day I listed off what seemed like a million of those and then finished it all off with my everything good boy. Because he is! Peter is so good. The best there is.

For this post I dug up some of my favorite pictures I don't think have ever been posted. Man I love this kid.

A little update:

Peter LOVES fruit - pineapple, strawberries!, cuties, applesauce. We're in the process of switching him over to whole milk right now. He stinkin' loves peek-a-boo of any kind - popping out from behind furniture, a doorway, anything we hold up in front of our face, really - and he's getting pretty good at pulling a blanket over his face and being the one to scare us! He laughs all the time, sometimes socially. He'll hear us laughing and totally do a fake laugh just to join in. All he wants to do in his high chair or in the bathtub is stand up. And I already hate trying to tell him no and have some sort of discipline. Stomping his little feet is a go-to expression of a lot of emotions - angry, excited, playful. He's good at waving, signing "more" (he just claps) and "milk" and sometimes "all done" - he kind of stopped doing that one? Stefan said he opened a door the other day... 

Right now he's a mama's boy and I honestly can't get enough. Yesterday I was trying to get everything ready for his party and he kept coming over wanting to be held and I couldn't say no! I love him and I love that he loves me! The past couple weeks there have been a few times when he has woken up at night, and I've had to go in and calm him down. I hold him and hug him and I feel so exhausted but also the happiest I've ever felt. Peter love love love love loves to be outside. Poor boy probably feels so cooped up after this winter. I'm glad it has been warming up right in time for his birthday! He is SO curious and literally never stops moving. He is the busiest human. People who meet him for the first time - and people who know him well - comment on it all the time. I am so grateful I get to be his mom.

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Awww... I LOVE THAT KID!!! AND his parents!!! Where has one whole year gone, Erin & Stefan? He is cuter than ever and I still miss you guys!!! Happy Birthday, sweet Peter and God bless you ALL!!! <3

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