April 02, 2017

The night before Peter's birthday we had a little party for him with my sisters and their families. We had pizza, fruit, and yummy drinks, opened some seriously good gifts - like maybe what they gave Peter was better than what I did - and let him destroy his very own cake. 

First of all, I made his cake. I am so bad at baking - so bad - but for whatever reason I really wanted to. I want to be that mom for my kids. I want them to feel like I can do anything. And since baking a birthday cake should be a fairly easy task for that kind of mom, I decided it was a good thing to tackle. And freaking tackle I did, I was really proud of how it turned out! Definitely not perfect, but then I made one for Molly on her birthday and it was even better. OKAYYY, I get it.. enough about me.

Peter still doesn't understand opening presents, so thankfully his five-year-old cousin was more than willing to help tear into everything. So funny how these toys were all for a one-year-old, yet every kid there was playing with them! Well, except the itty bitty baby. She hung out in the bouncer, happy as can be, as she always is. We tried to get a cousin picture, and I think the one quality of the one I included is somewhere in the middle.. not the best or the worst. 

Peter was a little slow getting into the cake, but once he figured it out he was loving it so we let him go for kind of a long time. He mostly smashed and squished it.. honestly he probably only ate three or four bites. At one point Stefan wasn't sure Peter knew he was allowed to eat it, so he went and gave him a bite. He (obviously) made a total mess, and we were not as prepared as I thought for the aftermath. Most of the cake fell on the mat we had underneath, but then when I took Peter out of his high chair I was all, "uhhh.. Stefan, go start a bath! No one step on the cake that fell on the carpet!" hahaha. My nice sisters pulled out the vacuum and got to work while Stefan started the bath. It all ended well, but there was a minute of panic mixed in there.

I don't have any good pictures of these, but I had a few regular balloons and a giant gold number one balloon - Peter loooved them. They stuck around our house for.. a long time.

 ^^^ haha, Peter did start out wearing clothes, but as soon as we started eating dinner I said forget it. Also, both of these cute cousins look so grown up here!?

i love this boy with all my heart.

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