May 16, 2017

BEST FRIEND VISIT: One of my oldest, sweetest friends came to visit! We were totally spoiled living so close to Ashley in Chicago, and we had been missing her like crazy. Even though she works all the time and is back in school right now too, she carved out some time come see us in April. Peter and I showed her around Provo and BYU and Temple Square, the girls had an afternoon shopping and nails outing, lots of good food, a chick flick.. she even freaking babysat for me one night. She seriously is the nicest friend in the world! She is so thoughtful and funny and I just love her.

BYE BYE BIRDIE: I was in a musical! My sister Molly and I did a couple musicals in high school - we had small to almost non-existent parts.. but we were there.. somewhere.. in the back. Then this year she convinced me to audition for a community theater with her. The thing is, Molly has always been talented enough to have a lead role. She just never wanted it. Untiiiil nooow! If you've seen Bye Bye Birdie, she played Rosie and she was perfect. I was only in a few scenes and only had lines in one, but it was a fun one. I was basically a spaz who wanted to get into show business and I tried to use Molly's boyfriend to get there. My scene started with a cartwheel and ended with the (almost) splits and Molly (Rosie) (Molly?) glared at me (Gloria) (me?) through it all. Good times. It was fun to be in a show again, but I decided it really isn't my thing. It was a huge time commitment and I just don't love it enough. But I am glad I got to do this show with Molly! She is the best and everyone in the cast was obsessed with her and everyone in the audience was obsessed with her and I hope she does more shows.

BABY SEAWRIGHT: We have a new niece! ..according to the law. According to our family we've had her since September, but this past week it finally became a done deal. I got to be there with a lot of our family when my sister (Molly again - not sure if this post is about my life updates or hers..) and her husband Austin legally, officially, signed sealed delivered, adopted their baby girl. It was such a happy day and she is the happiest little thing all the time. We are the absolute luckiest to have her in our family!

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Oh my gosh! I feel so famous! I love your posts but I'm the worst at actually commenting. Thanks for including me in you blog - and life... since that's what your blog is about. Your life. And Rosie (me?) Haha!

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