May 30, 2017

We wanted to get out of the house for Memorial Day weekend this year, but we didn't want to fight any crowds. I had seen this a-frame cabin on instagram, loved it, and felt like Stefan would really like it, too. I wanted to surprise him with it someday, but then it seemed like a perfect fit for this past weekend so I showed it to him and we jumped on Airbnb to book it right away! It's just on the other side of the valley from us - about a thirty minute drive. I barely have any pictures of people, but we invited some of our good friends to come with us, so we had a full house! We made really good food - homemade pizza, Belgian waffles (like, straight from the streets of Belgium. these Dutch/Belgium RM's know how to do it.) BLTs, and Mexican. We played corn hole and the ever popular Wikipedia trivia game and I schoooooled two of the boys at poker. Stefan literally taught me how to play last week. Guys I seriously won soooo many Cheez-Its. We talked and napped and walked down to the little river. I would say it was a relaxing weekend, but we did have Peter with us so I'll just say it was a fun weekend. This little cabin is so cute, and maybe it wasn't the most baby-friendly (at least for our baby) but maybe that means we just need to book a babysitter and go back.

peter is all about the camera these days - in that he would like to be the one holding it, please

 they had the same train we have at home! i loved that they had stocked up on some kids toys and lots of movies

 i'm always on board to invite the friends who bring the hammocks

 hahaha these pictures crack me up - i think he was going for an itch

 melted into a puddle when i realized peter was carrying around the "p" block

i love this picture mckenna got of taylor! he has been stefan's best friend forever so i guess if only one person outside of our family makes the post, it's okay that it's him

I love what one of my cousins posted about Memorial Day - she talked about how her kids had fun playing outside all day without a care in the world, and it wasn't lost on her that they were able to do that because of the freedom this country provides. We are so grateful for all those who have fought to protect that freedom - especially those who gave their lives in the fight. Happy Memorial Day from my handsome handsome handsome boys and me.

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Just deliberately stalked you and found this post!/picture of Taylor and it's melting my heart!

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