August 20, 2017

 ^^^ my boys in front of the big map at the MTC. it was pretty crowded so this was the best picture we could get. when they first walked up Peter pointed straight to Saudi Arabia.. the Stefan tried to get him to point to Belgium/The Netherlands, but those chubby little arms are only so long.

Yesterday was a good day with my boys. In the morning I went for a run and Stefan got a hair cut and after some running around getting ready, we all went down to Provo. We dropped Peter off at his great-grandparents' house for a nap, and Stefan and I drove down the hill to the temple where we were married. We hadn't been there for a while, and it felt good to be back. Once we were done there we went back to find Peter awake and playing with Stefan's grandma and it was the cutest thing ever. We tried to go to an early dinner at the Creamery, but their grill was closed for renovation so I guess we have to drive back down once it's done. I will always love the Creamery and will bawl my eyes out the day it is inevitably torn down for something bigger and better, based on BYU's track record. Anyway, we found dinner somewhere else and then headed to our tour of the MTC! The shuttle was only one hundred million degrees and Peter was ready to be out of his stroller before he ever got in it, but we all made it and ended up really enjoying the tour. It was all self-guided, but they had missionaries stationed around making sure you were heading the right direction - the fun part was that the whole Dutch speaking group was out when we were there so Stefan took the opportunity to catch every single one of them off guard when he started speaking to them in the language they are still trying to learn. Some of them handled it better than others. ;) I think it was fun for Stefan to be back and reminisce, and I admitted to him that I felt kind of left out of it all. I told him I wanted to be a nineteen-year-old girl bopping around the MTC, but I guess I'll have to be a sixty-year-old boppin' around instead. I'll take it. After that we met up with one of his best friends - from his mission! - for ice cream, and baby Peter got his very own cone for the first time. What a day!

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