August 08, 2017

July was a rough month. The roughest. On the first day of the month my best friend Meg lost her husband, Michael. Everyone - everyone - who knew Michael loves him so much. He is the funniest, kindest, most generous, caring, adventurous, (kinda sassy) guy. He and Meg (but Meg says it was all him) loved to host parties. When Meg told us Michael had been planning to throw Harry Potter a birthday party this year, well I was already making plans in my head before she finished the sentence. 

We had so much fun honoring (Harry Potter and) Michael that night. We all took the official quiz to get sorted in our houses, played some trivia, ate and drank lots and lots and lots of sugar.. seriously so much sugar. So many good wizarding treats and drinks! I don't even have pictures of all the decorations (Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom, spiders leading you up the stairs, "third floor corridor" sign blocking off the room I legitimately didn't want people going in because my decorating mess was being hidden in there..), treats, and costumes - people went all out for this and it made me so happy. We already have lots of plans to make next year's party bigger and better!

^^^ THEY DRESSED UP AS BROOMSTICKS. They're also getting married soon and if anyone didn't already think these two were perfect for each other, I think this picture seals the deal.

^^^ Draco Malfoy in the flesh

^^^ a Cornish Pixie and Luna Lovegood melting eeeeeveryone's hearts

^^^ Sybil and the Pixie. Okay this girl is the best because she admittedly doesn't know a lot about Harry Potter, but she came totally dressed up and brought little sorting hat treats and let us tease her all night long and I just lover her.

^^^ I found a really simple butterbeer recipe on pinterest and after all my worrying about it, it turned out pretty yummy!

^^^ we never even cut into this.. so many other treats

^^^ DOBBY! Stefan has requested Peter wear this costume on a regular basis because he looks SO CUTE.

^^^ Cat and James MADE CHOCOLATE FROGS! They also made the coolest "polyjuice potion" and "liquid luck" for us to drink - they were all glittery and seriously magical looking.

I truly do not have the energy to type out everything I could say about this party. If you're looking to throw your own party, Pinterest has never helped me more! Also don't feel like it's going to be mega expensive - so much of this was paper and printing things off and using what I already had. I just think Harry Potter is the coolest. What other series can bring people together like this!? It's so magical. The most magical. I love Harry Potter. Plus this was such a good way to say SEE YA, JULY. Here's to the next few months getting better and next year's party coming quickly.

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