October 29, 2017

lots of pumpkin time and lots of cousin time! / finding peter wrapped up in his blanket like that after a long-ish car ride home from somewhere / the leaves in the mountains were INSANE.. for about a week / we're all healthy again! that was a rough flu bug, but it did lead to a few extra snuggles and a lot of extra movies in bed / peter is a master artist and loves to be outside and loves to be silly and is finally maybe trusting me that milk tastes the same out of a cup, rather than a bottle / our stake split so we're in a new ward and don't have callings right now. they asked me to help in nursery today and i re-e-e-e-eally didn't want to - i wanted to go to relief society and meet people and make friends - but i said yes anyway, and then it ended up being really good and i met people and i made friends / i actually am so excited about this new ward. i think it's going to be really good for us. also we've been in midway one year! / we met up with friends from chicago and i feel like i keep getting reminded about how much i miss living there but i also know i'm not cut out to live there so i sure am happy we tried it for as long as we did / a lot of people have asked me to make art for them! now if only i had time to make art for them! send help preferably in the form of babysitting! / i could honestly write a novel about how smart and funny and cute peter is, so actually i'll probably do that sometime this week.

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I love all the pictures and can't wait for the novel!

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