October 31, 2017

My baby is a CHATTERBOX. And I love it. Most of the time.
Here's what he's been saying lately:

"liiiight! uhshee it!" = "light! I/you see it!" / oh my gosh, every light, on or off, we hear this one a dozen times a day. he also loooves light switches, he seriously beams as he flips the switch and checks to see if the light came on, then flips it again to see if it turned off, over and over and over and over
"hehehe i yike it" = I like it / usually always talking about food
"han-tum" = handsome / I put a little bit of this paste stuff in his hair to help it not lay flat down his forehead. Every time I would put it in I would tell him he looked handsome, so now he calls the little tub of paste han-tum
"koo guyy" = cool guy / we started calling some of his clothes or hats cool guy clothes or hats, probably because they made him look older or something. but now he kind of gets it - he'll put on some sunglasses or a hat and smile big and say koo guyy
"neee nice!" = be nice / not sure he totally understands the meaning though..
"riiiight der" = right there / definitely doesn't understand the meaning, but says it with SO much enthusiasm
"uhseeoo" = can I see you = will you hold me / I realized we always said that to him before we would pick him up, "Peter, can I see you?" I looove when he reaches his arms up toward me and says this one
"b'ecky" = spooky / as in, when he's wearing his skeleton pajamas
"keketon" = skeleton / more pajamas
"pun'kin! heavy! oouhhh!" / every pumpkin is heavy. SO MANY THINGS are "heavy" even if they definitely are not. and he always kind of tenses up and acts like he's really trying to lift something and makes that strained sound. he also loves to point out when some pumpkins have eyes, noses, and mouths. it's like maybe he knows it's a little weird
"guck" = stuck / oh my land, EVERYTHING is stuck
"cuhmmon" = come on / I stinkin' love this one. so many things he says are cute enough to make me explode, but this one really is so cute. his inflection totally goes up at the end in a really cheerful, friendly way
"market" / when he wants Stefan to play this little piggy went to the market... with him
"whoa" / I LOVE this one! no one taught him to say it, it's just one he picked up. any time he kind of trips or something falls.. nothing too scary, but enough that it gets a response from him
"care-y" = scary / this one came from us trying to validate him a little when he did fall or get hurt. I would say something like, "yeah, was that a little scary?" so now lots and lots of things are "scary," but I still think having something to say to explain or validate what happened makes him feel better and he can get over it more quickly
"laloo" = noodles / the boy loves loves loves noodles. breakfast lunch and dinner, laloos laloos laloos. this has to be his weirdest word - like not very close to the actual word at all, when usually he tries SO hard to get words right. somehow this one has stuck around for months and it doesn't seem like it's changing any time soon
"great" = grape / he still eats fruit like a crazy person
"bare-rare-y" = blueberry / his all time favorite, so much that we seriously have to limit him or he would eat a whole container in one sitting
"toes, clean" / one time Peter had some fuzzies from his socks between his toes so Stefan cleaned it out - and Peter has NEVER forgotten. he will come up to me and stick his finger between my toes to clean it
"meh-sin" = medicine / or rash cream for his little bum
"melk melk malk melk malkmalkmelkmalk" = MILK / all day, every day from the minute he wakes up
"Leta" = Lesa / his little best frenemy cousin
"Lydia" / he doesn't say her name perfectly, but it's close and I can't figure out how to type how he says it. he asks to play with his cousin Lydia all the time! she's eighteen months older than he is, but she's so nice to him. nicer than he is to Lesa Belle..
"drining" = driving / when he wants to go outside and play with his Cozy Coupe car
"walk walk walk walkwalkwalkwalk" / when he (always) wants to go play outside
"han" = hand / he'll just grab my hand while I'm sitting down and start dragging me wherever he wants to go
"wacuum" = vacuum / he knows which closet has the vacuum, he knows vacuums say "ahhhhhh," and he thinks anything else that makes a similar sound is in fact also a vacuum - lawn mower, blender
"tractor" "loud" "beep beep" "honk" "uh tru" "bump bump bump" = like "Honk! Coming through!" from the book Little Blue Truck. and the part where there Little Blue Truck goes bump bump bump - when we read that and Peter is sitting on my lap I bounce my legs so he bumps along with the words, and when he says it himself he kind of squats/jumps and it is sooooo cute / Peter is obsessed with watching "tractors" - really any kind of machinery. he get fixated, even when they are barely even moving. he talks about it all the time, and is ready to head outside and find some first thing in the morning when it's still freezing cold and I am a little less ready to be outside..
"keening" / he loves to grab a wipe or rag and rub it against the wall or the carpet and help me "clean"
"peel it" "cut it" / he knows we need to peel oranges and cut up some bigger fruits
"cookie" / he knows what's good
"bite" / always always always always wants a bite of what Stefan and I are eating
"chocwate" = chocolate / every candy is "chocwate"
"ba-ke-ba-ba-ba-ke-ball" = basketball / he has been working really hard to figure that one out, but still stutters it every time. three syllable words are hard!
"beeball" = baseball
"HALLO. hiii. eh daddy. (gibberish) byeee." / the "phone call" he has about ten times a day - every toy, shoelace, roll of duct tape...? is a phone to him
"honey" "giger" "owe-ll" = honey, Tigger, Owl / my baby LIVES for Winnie the Pooh, but always refers to the movie and the bear as "honey"
>>> speaking of which, it's halloween! I can't wait to post pictures of our costumes and our decorations for Trunk or Treat! Raspberry Tootsie Pops here I cooooome

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