November 05, 2017

Sometime over the last year we decided to introduce Peter to Winnie the Pooh. Some of the other, newer cartoons are so loud and crazy and busy and frankly a little annoying. And I know a lot of people think Winnie the Pooh is annoying, but Stefan and I aren't those people. That's one cool thing about being parents - you get to choose! ...for a while. So as long as we're still choosing what Peter watches, we decided to start him out with a classic. YouTube has a ton of cute two and half minute Winnie the Pooh videos - just enough time to get a little boy to slow down and snuggle or cheer up after getting a bonk. Peter loved them all, but his favorite was the honey song. He was always asking for "honey." Then we bought the full length movie to have on long plane rides and eventually, Pooh became his clear favorite. But he totally calls it/him/the movie "honey." 

So really Halloween came together pretty easily! I started looking for Pooh costumes and found a basically brand new one on Ebay for $13. When I opened the box and showed Peter the costume, he recognized it immediately and his face lit up - "HONEEY!" I bought Stefan a white polo and yellow t-shirt, made my own ears and tail out of felt, and basically the rest of our costumes came from Stefan's wardrobe. Honestly I spent the most time on the decorations for Trunk-or-Treat, which if I'm being honest was totally worth it. I loved doing it, it was fun having a trunk that matched our costumes, and it got a lot of compliments! It's all just painted poster board, except for the burlap and twine banners. Oh! And Peter's honey pot! Molly had the idea for it, but then she forgot it was her idea so now I'm saying it was my idea. At first I tried using two different shades of brown tape.. not happening. So I decided to try paint even though I was really doubting it would work, and then LOOK how perfectly it turned out! Just a little sharpie for the word "hunny" - it really wasn't that hard and totally made the costume. So then I made another one for the candy we were handing out, too. 

I honestly can't remember Peter ever having much candy before Halloween, and then once he discovered it he really didn't go that crazy. He's had a lot of M&M's, but that's about it. I honestly feel really good about it. Trunk-or-Treat was a little overwhelming for him. I thought he would grasp it better than he did, but I think part of it was just all the chaos. He still had a lot of fun doing his own thing.

I always say I don't love Halloween, but then this year I got to dress my baby up as his favorite character and make lots of crafts and eat a couple Tootsie Pops, so.. Happy Halloween!


Amanda said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You are the best at decorating!

Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Another classic Halloween for the ages. You are good!

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