2018 GOAL

January 06, 2018

Last year my resolution was to develop my talents, and if I'm being honest I feel so good about what I was able to accomplish. I learned a lot about digital art and using Illustrator and getting things printed. I made a bunch more family videos. I ran a ton and actually started running faster and ran a marathon. I started teaching myself piano. I wasn't sure I would accomplish anything solid because my goal wasn't very solid. But in the end I felt really, really good about last year - at least in that specific area.

This year my resolution is even more vague. I guess my goal is to be intentional. I want to focus better on the things I actually care a lot about. I care about continuing to grow in all those areas I did last year. I care about my family. I care about my Savior and my faith and my church and my service there. I care about my home and my neighbors and my friends. So maybe my resolution is to not waste time and just do the things I always have on my to-do list. To put my money where my mouth is. 

Six days into the year and I'm doing really well, even though I almost hate to admit the reason why.. I haven't looked at instagram this week and I've looked at facebook a lot less than I normally do. It has helped me to not waste time, and it has also helped me to feel better about myself. Hopefully I can find a good balance because I don't want to go without social media forever. For right now this feels really good. I've been so productive and I think I've connected better with at least a couple people. I feel.. lighter? Does that sound so dumb? Why would instagram make me feel.. heavy? I think it just feels like one more thing to do - I need to check it all the time and I need to keep up with what I see everyone else doing when I check it. Instead I'm trying to check in with myself more and make sure I'm doing what I want to be doing.

I also get that this might sound dumb to some people who don't have the same struggle. But for whatever reason - my generation, my personality, a mix of several different factors I'm sure - this feels like it's going to be a big deal for me in a really good, healthy way.

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