January 05, 2018

We had a lot of fun with part of Stefan's family in London this Christmas. On our first night there we unintentionally walked right past the LDS Hyde Park building and saw the missionaries outside putting on this sweet nativity. We kept walking and spent the evening at the Bavarian Market at the Winter Wonderland event in Hyde Park. I don't have any pictures from it because they weren't allowed, but the night before Christmas Eve we went to see A Christmas Carol at the Old Vic theater. It was amazing. The guy who played Xenophilius Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies played Scrooge and was perfect. Everyone in the cast was incredible. I wouldn't say it was a musical, but they did incorporate a lot of Christmas hymns and carols. They also used the most magical fake snow a couple times, which everyone else seemed kind of bothered by.. I loved it. That show was probably the highlight of the trip for me.

On Christmas Eve we went to church and then hung at home, playing and napping and watching movies. Christmas day was about the same. Peter got a billion gifts - literally none of which were from Stefan or me - and was happy as could be. On Boxing Day, most of us went to a soccer game while Stefan's mom stayed home with all three little kids because she is either amazing or crazy. Tottenham won 5-2 and Stefan found me a Dr. Pepper! Cheers! Actually I think I had three Dr. Peppers while we were there - truly a European Christmas miracle.

The next day we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour! Again! We went last year when we were in London and are actually the luckiest people in the world to get to go again. It was just as magical as I remembered except more so because the Great Hall was decorated for Christmas/the Yule Ball. (!!) I have a clip of it that I'll put in my video from the trip. They also added a section of the recreated Forbidden Forest! I love Harry Potter. Stefan gave me the illustrated Prisoner of Azkaban book from Christmas, so I am all hyped up on it lately. That book is UNREAL. So entertaining and well written.

The grown-up girls got to go for a fancy afternoon tea at Harrods one day. The black currant tea was the only one I tried that I liked - with two sugars, and I maybe could have even gone for three.. It really was so fun, as was our shopping trip to Primark afterward. I feel like this is turning into a blog about how spoiled I am.

Last but definitely definitely not least, my baby and the "soldiers." We went to the Tower of London and saw the crown jewels, but more importantly Peter saw these guards marching outside and could have stayed all day. I love that boy and I love watching him discover new things he loves. It was also cool to see the crown jewels because then on our last day we went to Westminster Abbey and saw where all the coronations have happened for the past few centuries!

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