January 02, 2018

Still not sure how I lucked into this one.. in October my sisters, mom, oldest niece, and I took a girls trip to California! We always talked about doing it, and I don't know who finally got us all to put some dates on paper and book the tickets, but I'm so glad we did. I had a neighbor watch Peter two mornings while we were gone, and Paige's mother-in-law came into town to watch her kids so Peter played with them one morning, too. And of course Stefan was a incredible to keep working full time and take on lots of extra Peter time. I couldn't talk to Peter on the phone while I was gone, though.. we tried once and he got too sad.

On the first day, we hit Disneyland early - after hitting Walgreens to stock up on Dr. Pepper, since they don't sell it in the parks. Mine exploded on me by about 8:30AM while we were in line for our first ride - Peter Pan, obviously. Polly and I were the only ones interested in the Tea Cups, and we got to do them twice in a row because the park was still so empty! Polly was the best the whole trip, keeping up with everyone and riding the bigger rides even when she felt a little nervous about them. She saved up a bunch of babysitting money to come on this trip, and I just think she's the coolest. 

We ate a lot of treats and everyone (some of them reluctantly..) rode Splash Mountain, we ate lunch at the Jolly Holiday, met Mickey and Minnie, and honestly just had the perfect Disney day.

Day two was California Adventure! I ran to get Guardians of the Galaxy fast passes, and then we rode Cars first thing. The ride broke down - for seriously ten minutes, the longest I've ever had to sit on a stopped ride - so once it was running again the cast members told us we could stay in our car and ride a second time! When we finally got off, the line was short enough that we decided it was worth it to get right back on. We ate lunch at Flo's Cafe and rode the other small rides over there too. Cars Land is the best. And Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty fun, even though I have never seen those movies and I will never, never forgive Disney for getting rid of Tower of Terror.

California Adventure was also fun because I rode California Screamin' with my mom three times - that lady loves roller coasters! Also the whole trip my mom had the best pictures on all the rides. Everyone else would be screaming or have their eyes closed or just look ridiculous, but my mom was always smiling perfectly like she was straight from a Disney ad. 

We rode just about every ride over there - even the swings and Monsters Inc. which I had never done. Then we watched World of Color, and we all loved it! I don't remember ever stopping to watch the whole thing.

On the third day we ended up spending our life savings on Ubers to and from Universal Studios just to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We rode the main ride first thing - honestly one of the best rides I've ever ridden anywhere - and rode the other dinky roller coaster later on, too. I swear it lasted twenty seconds.. But Polly bought a real wand and had fun going around and doing all the spells. We had butterbeer and lunch at the Three Broomsticks, took pictures with the Hogwarts Express, and searched and searched for Molly's phone.. which we found! at the end of the day. Someone turned it in to the lost and found. We wandered into the rest of the park a little bit, but weren't impressed. Then we ended our day with a trip to Urgent Care for Paige's stomach and a 10:00PM McDonald's dinner - which Polly was too dead tired to eat and seriously fell asleep with a cheeseburger in her mouth.

It was just the best trip! There's something extra special about doing your favorite things with your favorite people.

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