January 04, 2018

In November I flew home to Illinois with Peter - it was my first time ever flying alone with him, and it actually went so well! Besides almost leaving the diaper bag at the security checkpoint.. thankfully an airport employee ran it over to me. And I don't actually have any pictures from the main event of the trip - my friend Alex's wedding! My parents were sweet to watch Peter all day while I took off with some of my very best friends to go witness Alex and Megan (look incredible and) get married. 

Since we were home for almost a whole week, we got to see lots of friends and have a ton of fun. The leaves in Illinois were incredible - this first picture is from the day we spent with Ashley, when we took Izzy (and Peter) for a walk. Ashley and I also took Peter to El Rancherito for lunch, and he loved the cheese dip - just like his mama. Then there are a few pictures from playing in the leaves with my mom and dad. Peter loved throwing the leaves around and using the big rake, too. He was also mesmerized by my dad mowing the lawn on his "tractor."

On the tail end of our trip we spent a day in Naperville with Stefan's sister's family. Peter was in heaven with all those fun kids and fun toys. And I was in heaven when my sister-in-law loaded up a huge suitcase of hand-me-down clothes and toys for Peter! He got a bunch of new trucks and has honestly played with them every day since.

We had a quiet Thanksgiving at our house with two of our friends, Michael and Lauren - no pictures to show for that either, whoops. But a couple days after Thanksgiving we spent an afternoon at the zoo and ate dinner at Steak N Shake, and I definitely took pictures of that. And Peter also had a few play dates with some of his favorite ladies - he seriously talks about these girls all the time!

A couple more pictures of my baby looking cute, for good measure.

December! I really liked this December. Stefan turned twenty-six on the first day of the month, and we celebrated him with donuts for breakfast, Potbelly's for dinner, and Murder on the Orient Express in theaters that night. Three days later I turned twenty-five, and my family spoiled me with really thoughtful gifts and a fun sister (and babies) lunch. 

Stefan was swamped with his movie all month, so I actually spent a lot of time alone with Peter and alone with myself when Peter was asleep. It was nice because it gave me a lot of time to get things done, so I never felt that holiday stress as much as I have in the past. I also watched a ton of terrible Hallmark/Netflix/who knows what Christmas movies while I wrapped gifts and decorated, which I had never done. I usually stick to the classics, and I'll probably go back to that next year. But it was fun to watch something new!

And we made it to the big Emmett family Christmas party! We had dinner and treats, watched the grandkids put on a nativity and a talent show, sang all the songs we always sing, aaand Santa came. He was obviously a big hit. 

My whole family celebrated Christmas in Utah this year, but Stefan and I were with his family. In the end the Emmetts were all together for about an hour one evening, and I have this heart-melting picture of the grandbabies to prove it. I'll do a post about our Christmas with the van de Graaffs next!

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