January 03, 2018

Last month Peter and I were filmed for a video by the BYU AdLab that was aiming to showcase the strength it takes to be a mom. The student film crew came to our house early one morning, the day after I turned twenty-five, and filmed our normal morning routine. I went into Peter's room and got him out of his crib, we snuggled and read a book, I got him dressed, he ate breakfast. Peter surprised me and was happy and nice the whole time - I thought he might be a little nervous with so many new faces, and a huge light and big camera in his face first thing in the morning. They filmed tons of moms with their kids - this was just our small part.

I love these pictures they sent me because it's all a point of view I never get to see. I guess a couple of them feel a little staged, but a lot of them feel pretty natural to me. Being a mom does take a lot of strength. Sometimes it's physical, but I think - for me at least - it's mostly mental and emotional strength. I love being a mom, probably more than anything else I have ever been. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I had chosen to work a few years before having a baby, or if I had done this differently or done that differently.. but then I think about how if I could show a younger version of myself these pictures from the after I turned twenty-five, she would be really, really dang happy. And obviously present day me is really, really dang happy, too.

Peter is my best friend. He is smart and silly and tries so hard to be nice and understand this world he's in. Every day I am floored with gratitude that I get to be his mama.

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