February 02, 2017

Our first picture together, summer 2013 at a Bees game in Salt Lake City.

On the last day of April 2013 Stefan was fresh off his LDS mission and we were both starting a new spring term at BYU. 

I was only taking one class that term, ECON 110 (bleh). On the first day I headed straight to the library after class to finish my homework. I obviously had big dreams about my ECON grade.. which did not come true. I sat down at a computer in the library, and after a few minutes a tall blond boy with a mustache and his friend sat down at the two computers to my left. I mostly kept my eyes on the computer screen.

Across the room some Provo All-Star was talking very loudly on his phone, "Yeah I just need to go pick up more muscle milk and then I'll head over to Gold's (Gym).." The blond mustache boy started imitating the muscle milk guy, and I accidentally laughed out loud. He turned away from his friend to look at me, and we must have joked about the muscle milk guy for a minute. Then he noticed I was reading my ECON book and told me he was taking that class, too. But we were in different sections, I had just finished class and he was on his way there soon.

We talked for a minute before he had to leave. He was cute and nice, but none of it really phased me because I was still hanging out with this other boy I had been sort of dating off and on for a while. Although I did go home and tell my roommate the whole library story, as I guess most twenty-year-old, best friend, girl roommates do any time they interact with any boy ever.

A few weeks later I was at a party with the on and off boy. It was a reunion party, and as I was being introduced to one of his friends I realized I knew the friend. He was the cute blond mustache library boy! So then we learned each other's names, and man he was still really cute. And even though I really only spent a few minutes at that party, I could tell that tall, blond, cute, mustache Stefan was fun and outgoing and everyone's friend.

Later that night the on and off boy and one of his friends were talking about how cool Stefan was and how - I distinctly remember - he was going places in life. And I was all, NOTED.

Not long after that things finally ended with the on and off boy, and in the mean time I had thoroughly facebook stalked Stefan multiple times. I also secretly hoped he would sit by me in class. I mentioned we were in different sections, but sometimes if I slept in too late I would go to the afternoon section, and if Stefan had something going on in the afternoon he would come to the morning one. We would make eye contact when we were in class at the same time, but we never talked because I was way too nervous. Well the heavens must have been looking down on me because on the very last day of class, Stefan came to my section and sat down right next to me! We still barely knew each other, but I was so excited.

We didn't talk much during the lecture, except Stefan making a couple of (hilarious, I'm sure) jokes. After the lecture ended I was a little panicky because I really wanted to stay and talk with him, but I had to go to work across campus soon. Stefan asked me how I was doing in the class, and I admitted it wasn't going so well. I wanted him to get my number, but I seriously had to get to work so finally I asked him if he would help me study. So he gave me his number.

We figured out plans to study together the next day, and that was the extent of our texting conversation. Until.. a few hours later when he text me and told me he was officially facebook friends with my dad.. I was weirded out, until he told me that my dad sent him a friend request! What. I called my dad. He said he had seen on facebook that I had just become friends with Stefan van de Graaff, whose profile said he "worked" at the LDS Belgium/Netherlands Mission. So my dad thought Stefan was a legit Dutchman and clicked on his profile, then accidentally added him as a friend. Hahaha. At least it gave me a good excuse to keep texting Stefan.

The next day I went to his apartment to study, then I had a huge crush on him instantly, then he liked another girl most of the summer, then another boy was asking me out and I basically told Stefan I only wanted to date him, then a million weeks later he finally agreed to be my boyfriend.

That story was so long. And that's just how we met! Well we met April 30th and got engaged on November 29th. I know there's a post on here somewhere about the proposal. And a lot of posts about the wedding.

Sealed for eternity in the Provo, Utah LDS Temple on February 13, 2014


Krystle Perkins said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

i had never read this before! but it is so cute and you both sound pretttttttty awesome and fun.

Abie Sisson said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I loveee your wedding dress. soo pretty!!!!

Erin van de Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Somehow my option to reply to comments disappeared when I changed my template, but..

Krystle, I'm so late on this apparently! Thank you! Also I'm a little sad because my husband and I are moving back to Chicago at the end of the year, and I wish it would have happened before you moved so I could have met you. I think you are the coolest.

Erin van de Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Abie, thank you so much! I ordered it from a random Chinese Etsy business and it was the scariest/best purchase ever!

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